The first step to growing any healthy crop begins with having the correct soil pH level. By correcting soil acidity, limestone frees-up desirable nutrients that feed your crop. Liming ensures that the soil is most favorable for plant growth as well as increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers and herbicides which do not work as well in excessively acidic soil.

We carry both pelletized calcitic and dolomitic 50 lb. bagged lime for spinner spreaders and calcitic and dolomitic pulverized 50 lb. bagged lime for drop spreaders. New Enterprise Stone Lime Co Inc - Click to Visit Site We are also a dealer for New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc (Martin’s Limestone) for crop and pasture land spreading. They have the capacity to effectively cover hundreds of acres. We also work with another applicator who can service you if you only need a few acres covered or have any area a boom spreader truck cannot cover.

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