Natural Products Today for a Greener Tomorrow

Organic Nutrients

Being “Particular” is key to being a successful organic farmer. You need the right product to grow healthy crops to meet the ever-growing demand for organic products. We have the products to meet that demand and the agronomic knowledge to use them to their full potential. We’ll help you produce a “greener” crop.

Fertilizer Bulk & 50 lb. bags
Nature Safe 13-0-0
Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2
Rock Phosphate (P15) 0-6-0-22Ca
Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50-18S
Gypsum 22Ca, S16 (Bulk only)
Humiflore 20Ca, Mg4, S5
Magnesium sulfate/Epsom Salt 13S, Mg9.8
Sulfur 90%

Micronutrients 50 lb. bags
Boron 10% (Bulk & 50 lb. bags)
Copper Sulfate 25%
Zinc Sulfate 35%
Manganese Sulfate 32%
Iron 22%
Ferrous Sulfate 30%

Liquid Fertilizer
Fertiactyl Organic (Humic & Fulvic acid + Seaweed extract)

Water Soluble Fertilizer
Nature Safe 15-0-1 Hi-Sol (Blood meal for drip irrigation or foliar)

We have or can get most common organic insecticides such as:
Dipel, Pyganic, Venerate, Grandevo, M-Pede, Stylet oil and more

We have or can get most common organic fungicides such as:
Regalia, Double Nickle, Stargus, M-Pede, Serenade, Stimplex & Badge X2

*This is just a sample of organic products that may be available from our suppliers.