Micro Nutrients

Every acre is being pushed to produce its maximum yield. To attain the maximum you need to cover all your bases including micro nutrients. Starter solutions and foliar spray applications put micro nutrients where the plant can absorb them the easiest and most readily. Our “Pop-up Starters” are key to giving the plants the right balance of nutrients at germination to ensure root growth and uniform emergence. Later in a plant’s life, foliar applied micro nutrients with herbicides reduce plant stress and help with proper fruit development.

What We Offer:

  • LBAS Pop-up Starters
    • 7-21-6-2S with Nutri-Pack (AgXplore) or Fertiactyl GZ (Timac)
    • PolyN, ATS & K-Row 23 combinations with biostimulants.
  • Stabilized Nitrogen Solution: CT27-0-0-4S (ContaiN Max (AgXplore))
  • Stabilized Nitrogen Solution: CT30-0-0 (ContaiN Max (AgXplore))
  • Dry fertilizer blends with premium micronutrient starter packages
  • Foliar Nutrients
  • Timac©
  • AgXplore©
  • LBAS Tobacco Juice 20-0-0-3Ca-.4Zn solution on tobacco
  • Water Solubles

These are only a small example of the many nutrient packages we can put together for your particular operation.

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