Custom Harvesting

Before LBAS was founded we were a working dairy farm, farming up to 1500 acres of land. To perform these operations we needed harvesting equipment to cut alfalfa and corn silage as well as combining corn for dairy cow and heifer feed. Today we no longer work a dairy farm but continue to farm 400 acres of corn in Little Britain Township for marketing to local grain mills. We presently operate a Claas silage harvester along with tractors, blowers, forage carts, and trucks, to transport silage to upright silos or bunkers. We service our region in southern Lancaster and Chester counties along with customers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We also engage in custom corn and soybean combining and haul to on-farm storage or to local grain mills. It seems you can rarely take farming out of farm raised kids which is the story of many of us at LBAS.

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